Sweater Comb

De-pill delicate knits

Sweater Comb
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Sweater Comb

De-pill delicate knits

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We know how frustrating it can be to see pilling on your favourite knitted or woven fabrics. This is why we offer the  Sweater Comb to de-pill delicate and fine gauge woolens while leaving the heavier knit items to the Sweater Stone.  We recommend to have both tools on hand to use on sweaters, scarves, wool coats etc.  Two fine metal mesh screens on a cedar wood handle gently pick up stray pills while leaving renewed yarns behind.

How to use :
Drag either flat edge of the screen across the garment.  The screen is flexible and works well on uneven surfaces.  Bulky knits need only a light touch while tighter knits can take a more agressive combing.
Please note :
The Sweater Comb is not suitable for use on fabrics made with knotty yarns or fibers.  If you are not sure how the Sweater Comb will perform on a garment, please test in an inconspicious place first.
For heavy knits, we recommend the Sweater Stone.

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